Using A Phone Or A Sat Nav When Driving

Technology has become a huge part of everyday life and even when you’re driving, it can be useful if you need to find your route or speak to someone at work or at home. Yet your focus must always be on driving safely, and so there are a few laws that you need to be […]

Legal Obligations Of Any Driver

Legal Obligations Of Any Driver

There are several legal obligations and things to consider before you drive any car or motorbike in the UK. Before making any attempt to drive, you should have a valid driving licence and your vehicle should be registered, insured, and taxed, and also possess a valid MOT. Legal obligations of UK drivers Once you meet […]

Local Driving Test Centre Pass Rates

Pass Rates

Learning to drive can be one of the most exciting yet stressful times in your life, so it’s only natural that you want to find not only the best driving instructor, but also the best local test centre with high pass rates. Looking at pass rates across the country, these can vary dramatically. However, the […]

What Driving Test Time Is Best?

What Driving Test Time Is Best

When it comes to taking the UK driving test, studies show that you may need more than good driving skills on your side. The time you take your test could also make all the difference between a pass or fail. The research, conducted by Dayinsure and the DVLA, revealed that pupils taking their driving test […]

Why Go To A Driving School?

Why Go To A Driving School

Many adults enrol in driving schools every day for different reasons. Some need to learn how to drive so that they can drive themselves to work or school. Below are some reasons why you should go to driving school. Build confidence Attending a driving school will enable you to become confident in your driving abilities […]

Are Driving Crash Courses Any Good?

Are Driving Crash Courses Any Good

Crash courses are intensive courses of driving lessons which aim to teach you everything you need to pass your practical driving test in just a few days. Usually, crash courses run from Monday to Friday, with six hours of learning each day and your driving test happening on the Saturday. But, are these intensive courses […]

Intensive Driving Courses Vs Normal – What’s The Difference?

Intensive Driving Courses Vs Normal

When learning to drive, one of the biggest decisions is if you want to learn gradually, having lessons and spreading out the cost week-on-week, or condense everything into a week-long, intensive driving course. There are pros and cons to each, but first, it’s important to understand the difference before making a decision. Remember: just because […]

How To Pull Over For Emergency Vehicles

How To Pull Over For Emergency Vehicles

If you’re a new driver or even an experienced one, it can be a stressful experience having to pull over for emergency vehicles. The sirens are blaring, the blue lights are flashing, and you may not be in an ideal position to stop. But as long as you remain calm, aware and focused when driving, […]

How To Tackle Driving In City Traffic

How To Tackle Driving In City Traffic

When you learn to drive, you’re often taken to quiet suburbs, housing estates and country roads to get the hang of things. But for the millions of us who live in the city — and the many more who work in one — your real-world, independent driving experience is going to be a lot different. […]

Using A Sat Nav During Your Test

Using A Sat Nav During Your Test

Back on 4th December 2017, the UK standard practical driving test changed its terms, with one of the biggest changes being a section that includes following the instructions of a satellite navigation system. From this date forward, all drivers are expected to complete a section of independent driving where they follow directions and instructions from […]