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Alfie's Driving School is here to help you get your license. We provide you with the best driving instructors, both manual and automatic lessons, and offer competitive prices to suit your needs.

We help learners from literally every walk of life – from those who have just turned 17 and can’t wait to be mobile, to working mums who need that extra flexibility and time that driving would allow them.

Learn to drive with Alfie’s

We offer lessons in both manual and automatic cars for you to learn in. You can book a lesson online or by phone and we can accommodate for everyone from first-time learners to people who want to update their skills.

Learn anywhere, anytime

Alfie’s Driving School offers a range of times and days that suit you. Whether you want lessons in the morning, afternoon or evening, or on weekends – we’ll be there!

Receive top quality tuition

No matter what your level is, our experienced driving instructors will make sure that you’re learning quickly, efficiently and safely. You’ll also receive free parking at our training centre


We offer a wide range of options to help anyone learn to drive, or even refresh their existing skills. From a refresher course to intensive driving courses and Pass Plus Driving courses, there’s a journey for everyone.

Our refresher course is ideal for anyone who has learned to drive in the past and needs a reminder of the basics. Or perhaps you’re somebody who has lost confidence in driving?

Our refresher courses mean that you can build confidence in yourself and your abilities.

Perhaps you need to learn to drive in a short space of time? Our intensive driving course is ideal, ensuring you learn everything you need to learn to be road-ready in the shortest amount of time.



Perfect for those who are new to driving, and simply wish to take a lesson-by-lesson approach to driving. You needn’t book several lessons at once and can simply pay an hourly rate. With instruction in both automatic and manual cars, this is an excellent way to get a feel for driving, without feeling tied down to extra lessons.
If you are keen to save more money or feel happy after your first lesson, then consider booking several lessons for an additional discount. These are available in 5 and 10-hour blocks.
You might wish to block book more than 10 hours in one booking and register for an intensive course. These lessons are more frequent and are aimed at building up the necessary skills to pass your test in a short amount of time. You might wish to book a Re-Test special of 8 hours if you have failed your test or perhaps even a Beginner 40-hour package.

Frequent driving can sometimes lead to mistakes and accidents, but with the right training you can learn how to handle any situation.

There’s no shortage of driving courses out there, but how do you know which one offers the best quality for your time and money?

Rest assured, our team have been fully trained to complete course requirements that covers all aspects of driving. Our Pass Plus course modules cover town driving, all weather driving, rural driving, night driving, dual carriageways and motorway driving, and will equip you to handle any new situation with confidence.

We all know how stressful it can be to adapt a new place, with a new driving style, learning the new traffic flows and getting used to the local rules of the road. The sooner you start practicing, the faster you will get back into safe driving habits and will be able to “hit the ground running” sooner rather than later We offer a wide range of flexible hours for our refresher courses that can fit into your busy schedule. Keep your license up-to-date, practice your driving skills and make our world safer today.
The main goal of these lessons is to assess your current ability and confidence and ascertain how many hours of intensive driving lessons you would need before you are ready to take your test.If you’re looking to book driving lessons in your area, give us a call at Alfie’s Driving School and we’ll get you feeling confident on the road in no time.
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