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Automatic Driving Lessons

With a high first-time pass rate and friendly professional driving instructors that take your needs into account, our automatic driving lessons provide you with the skills that you need to enjoy many years behind the wheel.

Why Learn In An Automatic Car?

There are many reasons for choosing to drive an automatic car, from disabilities and mobility issues to a simple desire for an easier driving experience.

Automatic cars make driving more accessible for a far wider range of drivers.

Learning to drive in an automatic car could reduce the number of lessons that you need before you’re ready for the test, though you will only be able to drive automatic cars once you have your driving licence.

Think carefully about your decision, as we offer both manual and automatic driving lessons.

Automatic driving lessons: a popular choice!

An increasing number of people are learning to drive in automatic cars. In fact, between 2013 and 2017 the number of automatic cars on UK roads increased by 55%!

In part, this is because new automatic cars are so finely-tuned that they’re more fuel efficient, smoother to drive and more responsive than a manual car. If you’re looking for a new hybrid or electric car, you’ll find that many already have an automatic gearbox and that the numbers are steadily increasing.

Why learn automatic with Alfie's?

If you want to skip the clutch control and gear change lessons, getting from A to B with ease, then you’re driving in the right direction with Alfie’s Driving School. Our automatic driving instructors will ensure that you’re driving around Romford – and soon far beyond – in enviably effortless style.

Our instructors can provide you with long-term lessons, perhaps once a week until you’re ready for your driving test, or could work with you on an intensive automatic driving course to reach test standard in a matter of weeks. They’re an understanding bunch, and are able to work with you through any concerns or difficulties, whether you’ve previously taken lessons in a manual car or you’re looking to start learning automatic from scratch.

We understand that learner drivers have many different reasons for choosing automatic driving lessons, and we’ll give you the training that you need to accelerate your learning and reach your destination with confidence. Contact us today to find the right instructor and book your first driving lesson.

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