How To Tackle Driving In City Traffic

How To Tackle Driving In City Traffic

When you learn to drive, you’re often taken to quiet suburbs, housing estates and country roads to get the hang of things. But for the millions of us who live in the city — and the many more who work in one — your real-world, independent driving experience is going to be a lot different. […]

Show Me/Tell Me – Are You Aware Of The Changes?

Show Me Tell Me Are You Aware Of The Changes

The new version of the UK driving test will mean that you will now have a 20 minute independent part of the driving test, instead of the older 10 minute version. In this, you will be required first to answer questions about driving praxis (tell me) and then to demonstrate them in practice (show me). […]

4 Top Tips To Help You Pass Your Driving Test

Pass Your Driving Test

It’s completely natural to feel nervous about taking your driving test. You won’t have your instructor by your side to guide you on the day and the very nature of the test will make you feel highly scrutinised at all times. The pressure can often prove too much, which is why it’s not uncommon for […]