5 Steps To Make Sure You Pass Your Driving Test

If you are nervous the night before your driving test, then you’re probably not yet ready to get your driver’s licence. The number one obstacle to passing the test is the lack of adequate preparation. To gain the confidence required, it’s mandatory to undertake several hours of intensive lessons behind the wheel and study relevant […]

Top 10 Most Difficult Theory Test Questions

Most Difficult Theory Test Questions

Your driving theory test should not really pose any problems though with the right preparation in place. One thing to watch out for is those annoyingly tough questions that seem designed to trip you up.

To help out, the below shows 10 of the most mind-bending theory test questions to look out for.

Test Pass Rate Success For Drivers In Essex

Getting behind the wheel for the first time can be a challenging and nerve-inducing task and having the freedom to drive yourself around is something that definitely shouldn’t be taken for granted. Understanding the rules of the roads and manoeuvring your way through your lessons to your driving test will come quicker than you know […]

Your Driving Test Report Explained

During your driving test, your examiner will mark any faults you make, which are divided into three levels – minor, serious and dangerous faults. You can make up to 15 minor faults in different categories, but no serious or dangerous faults – picking up one of those is an automatic fail. You also fail if […]

What Is An Intensive Driving Course?

What Is An Intensive Driving Course

Learning to drive is a right of passage for many. Once you’ve passed your driving test, you’re free to travel where you please offering a great sense of independence. Until then, you have to learn to drive safely. The standard way to learn is with a registered driving instructor with 1 or 2 hours of […]

How To Stop Stalling Your Car On A Driving Test

Stop Stalling Your Car On A Driving Test

Taking your driving test is a stressful occasion – there’s probably nothing worse than having someone watch you intently, marking you, as you struggle to remember the ins and outs of the Highway Code. Stalling your car is something that, at some point, everyone has probably done. It’s embarrassing and restarting your car with a […]

What Driving Test Time Is Best?

What Driving Test Time Is Best

When it comes to taking the UK driving test, studies show that you may need more than good driving skills on your side. The time you take your test could also make all the difference between a pass or fail. The research, conducted by Dayinsure and the DVLA, revealed that pupils taking their driving test […]

What’s Covered In The New Driving Test

Whats Covered In The New Driving Test

How many of you experienced drivers believe they would pass their driving test first time if they took it now? Although the basic skills of driving a car haven’t changed – possibly just your bad habits – the whole driving test process is different to what it was 15 or 20 years ago. The new […]

Show Me/Tell Me – Are You Aware Of The Changes?

Show Me Tell Me Are You Aware Of The Changes

The new version of the UK driving test will mean that you will now have a 20 minute independent part of the driving test, instead of the older 10 minute version. In this, you will be required first to answer questions about driving praxis (tell me) and then to demonstrate them in practice (show me). […]

4 Top Tips To Help You Pass Your Driving Test

Pass Your Driving Test

It’s completely natural to feel nervous about taking your driving test. You won’t have your instructor by your side to guide you on the day and the very nature of the test will make you feel highly scrutinised at all times. The pressure can often prove too much, which is why it’s not uncommon for […]