Should you choose automatic or manual driving lessons?

Should you choose automatic or manual driving lessons
So, you’ve made the decision to start learning to drive and you’re eagerly looking to book your first lesson. But before you can get behind the wheel, there’s an important decision to make; are you going to opt for automatic or manual lessons?
At one time the majority of cars on Britain’s roads were fitted with manual gearboxes but as technology has improved, the demand for automatics has grown.
So much so that of all the new cars made in 2017, 40% of them were automatics. So, is now the time to be opting for automatic lessons?

Or does a manual license have more benefits? We’ve weighed up the most important things to consider so you can decide which is the best option for you.

Which is the easiest?

Once you start learning to drive, you’ll want to pass and get out on your own as quickly as possible. Having an automatic gear box means that you don’t need to learn how to change gear or spend time fine-tuning your clutch control.

And with more time to focus on your manoeuvres and no chance of stalling, you may pass your test quicker than you would in a manual.

But be careful!

With an automatic license you’ll be prohibited from driving a manual unless you retake your test. And there may be times, such as when hiring or needing a courtesy car, that this can cause delays or other problems.

A manual license will allow you to drive both types of car which may give you fewer headaches in the long run.

Which is the cheapest?

Automatic driving lessons are usually a little more expensive than manual lessons but you may not need as many. This often makes the overall cost quite similar.

But you may feel the difference when buying your first car. Automatic cars use more advanced technology than most manuals and this is often reflected in the price tag even if it’s a second hand purchase.

A higher price also means costlier insurance as well as more expensive repair costs so make sure you do your sums properly before making your choice.

Which is best for your location?

If you’ll be mostly driving somewhere where there is a lot of heavy traffic, the constant gear changing can leave you stressed and tired. Therefore, an automatic car may make your morning commute a much pleasanter experience.

However, if you live near quieter roads you might just love the feeling of control during those country drives.

So, which should you choose?

This really does depend on you. For most people, choosing manual lessons is the most sensible option as you’ll have the scope to drive both manuals and automatics in the future.

There are still far more manual cars on the road than automatics so you’re giving yourself more flexibility and choice.

But if you are anticipating finding learning a bit of struggle and are ready to commit to an automatic life then this may be the best choice for you.

Source: Telegraph UK.


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