Questions To Ask When Selecting A Driving Instructor


If you’re considering learning to drive, then it’s important to try and find an instructor suitable to you and your personal needs. Whether you’re completely new to driving, a little bit rusty or simply need some refresher lessons, finding a compatible driving instructor is key. So if you’re wondering where to start, here are some questions that may help you make that decision.

1. Do I feel comfortable around them?

You need to find an instructor who makes you feel comfortable; someone you feel able to ask questions when you’re unsure, make minor mistakes without feeling put down or embarrassed and talk to them when you have a problem or issue. It’s no use having an instructor who makes you feel uneasy or awkward. Aim for someone you can build a professional relationship with.

Remember you’ll be spending an hour or so cooped up in a car with them every week.

2. What car do they have for you to learn in?

While most driving instructors offer lessons in smaller cars such as a Vauxhall Corsa or Ford Fiesta, if you know you’re likely to be driving something bigger, seek an instructor who has access to larger vehicles.

Equally, if you know that your parents have treated you to a Mini Cooper for your birthday, try to find an instructor who has that model, so you can get in extra practice in a familiar environment.

Alfie’s Driving School’s cars range from a Toyota Yaris to a Citroen Cactus and everything in between.

3. Are you bothered about gender?

You may have a particular preference in terms of gender. You may find that you get on better with someone of the same sex if you’re particularly shy or timid. Fear not, instructors won’t be insulted by that. Most driving schools have both male and female instructors.

If you have a preferable gender, then don’t be embarrassed, just ask! At Alfie’s Driving School we have a range of instructors, men and women, old and young, so we can try to match you to your ideal instructor.

4. How can I tell if an instructor is professional?

One of the first tell-tale signs is the cleanliness of the car. You might be thinking that this is something incredibly minor, but this is in fact a great way to check your potential driver’s professionalism. If it smells of smoke or is littered with chocolate wrappers, perhaps this instructor is more laidback than you’d like.

Equally, look out for punctuality. An instructor that arrives late is never a good sign, especially since on the day of your test you’ll need to be on time! Also consider how their lesson is planned. Are they using the pre-planned lessons from the DSA syllabus or does it seem as if they’re making it up as they go along?

You need structured lessons to ensure you learn efficiently and at the right pace. Our instructors are incredibly professional and very able teachers, making sure that you learn optimally in the right environment.


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