Using A Phone Or A Sat Nav When Driving

Technology has become a huge part of everyday life and even when you’re driving, it can be useful if you need to find your route or speak to someone at work or at home.

Yet your focus must always be on driving safely, and so there are a few laws that you need to be aware of when using a phone or a sat nav while behind the wheel.

The Law On Phones And Sat Navs

It is illegal to hold a phone or a sat nav while you’re driving or riding on a motorcycle. This doesn’t mean you can’t use them of course, but you must be able to do so hands-free.

For phones, this may include a Bluetooth headset or voice commands, while you’ll need a dashboard or windscreen mount for any tech, unless you’ve got sat-nav built into your car.


What’s vital is that any device doesn’t block your view of the road. And you can’t allow yourself to get distracted either – the law states that you must be in full control of your vehicle at all times, and you can be prosecuted if the police stop you and believe you’re not focused on the road.

The law applies at all times when you’re driving, even when you’re queuing in traffic or you’re stopped at a red light.

As tempting as it is to quickly check that text, you need to wait until you’ve safely parked in an appropriate space.

The only time the law does not apply is if you need to dial 999 or 112 in an emergency and it isn’t safe or practical to stop.

The Penalties Available

If your sat nav or phone is blocking your view of the road, or you don’t have complete control of your vehicle, you can be given thee points on your license and you could be taken to court.

If you use your phone or sat nav in your hand, you could get six points and a £200 fine.


Not only that, but if you only passed your driving test within the last two years, you’ll lose your license.

The penalties are hefty, but these pale in significance to the tragedies you could cause if you drive while you aren’t fully paying attention.

It’s never worth the risk, so always follow the law with regards using sat navs and phones while you’re driving.



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