What You Need To Know Before Taking Your Driving Theory Test

What You Need To Know Before Taking Your Driving Theory Test
  • New drivers are often told to take a good look at the road ahead.
  • But how exactly should you do that?
  • And why is it important?

When you are just starting out in driving, it can be incredibly difficult to know what this means or how you are meant to do it.

However, this is exactly why the theory test exists, and this is something that you need to learn about in order to succeed. See this article for advice on how to improve your road safety skills and get as prepared as possible for the driving theory test.

What Is The Theory Test?

The driving theory test is a test that you need to have passed before you can take your practical driving test, where you actually drive the car. In the theory test, you will be tested on your knowledge of the road and road signs, as well as being given a chance to demonstrate that you have good instincts when it comes to a variety of on-road situations.

Once you have passed your theory test, you have two years in which to pass your practical driving test, otherwise you will need to take the theory test again.

When Can You Take It?

You might be wondering whether you are yet old enough to take the theory test. As long as you have had your 17th birthday, you can take your theory test. Bear in mind that you can book in your test before your 17th birthday, as long as the booked date is after that point.

Also, some 16 year olds can take the test if they apply for the enhanced rate of the mobility component of the Personal Independent Payment.

What’s On The Test?

You will of course need to have a strong idea of what is actually on the test, so you know what to expect before you actually do it.

Your driving instructor will certainly be happy to go through this with you, but you can always do your own research as well, using DVDs and online videos, as well as digital courses that you might come across as well. However, always make sure that they are legitimate resources (and for the right country!)

On your theory test, you will have to answer 50 questions in the first part. These will be testing your alertness, attitude, your awareness and understanding of safety, and your knowledge of road signs. You have 57 minutes to complete this part of the test. You have an optional practice test at the start.

Then you will have the hazard perception test, which consists of 14 clips in 20 minutes. There are 2 hazards in each clip, and you need to show that you have noticed them in time by clicking or touching the screen.

You will need to get 44 points out of 75 to pass, and you will fail if you simply click the whole way through – so don’t be tempted!

Now that you know what to expect, you should be able to ace your theory test.