Tricks to Successfully Pass Your Driving Test

It’s normal to be nervous when you’ve got a driving test; you’ll want to do your best, and you’ll want to pass – otherwise you will feel as though all that hard work was for nothing.

Plus, all that freedom and adventure that is just within reach would be snatched away if you failed, and you’d have to wait for another time.

So with that in mind, here are some useful tips to help you pass your driving test and get you out on the road. 


Don’t Focus On The Test

If you have experience and feel like you’re ready for the test, you don’t have to let the pressure of it get to you.

Just think of it as another lesson and go out and drive as well as you can, dealing with situations as they come up and staying safe.

If you make a mistake, don’t think about it too much or let it change how you drive in the future. 


Don’t Listen To Others (Apart From Your Instructor)

So many people fail because, on the day of the test, a friend or family member tells them something to remember or gives them advice that takes up so much of their attention that they forget how to drive and pass.

It’s not always good advice, and you might end up changing how you drive or questioning what you’re doing. Just trust yourself, and you’ll be fine.


Have A Lesson Before Your Test

A lesson beforehand can help calm your nerves and prepare you for driving, particularly if you have been having two-hour lessons in the weeks leading up to your test, which is also a good idea.


It’s About Experience 

In order to feel confident and ready for your test, you need to put in at least 100 hours of practice time behind the wheel. Others may need more time, while others may be able to pass the test more quickly.

Do your best as a novice driver, but don’t wait until you’ve passed before tackling a multi-lane roundabout or tricky manoeuvres — this will put you at a disadvantage. You’ll be safer on the road if you have some driving experience while you’re still a student.


Plan Your Time

Allow yourself enough time to learn how to drive and pass the test. Don’t try to speed up the process.

Many skills are learned through experience, and taking a lot of tests can be expensive. Wait until your instructor tells you you’re ready. 


Check You Have What You Need 

Every year, thousands of driving tests don’t happen because the person taking the test doesn’t bring everything they need.

Make sure you have all the necessary paperwork and that your car is in good shape and up to the standard for the test.


Don’t Assume You Failed 

If you make a mistake, remember that you can make up to 15 small ones – minors – during the test.

Don’t worry about them too much and always assume you’ll pass. Don’t think about small mistakes too much, or you might make even more.



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