Show Me/Tell Me – Are You Aware Of The Changes?

The new version of the UK driving test will mean that you will now have a 20 minute independent part of the driving test, instead of the older 10 minute version.

In this, you will be required first to answer questions about driving praxis (tell me) and then to demonstrate them in practice (show me).

This is an introduction to the kind of questions you should expect, and how they have changed in the past few years, to help you arrive prepared and confident when the time of your test comes!

In the previous version of the driving test, you would have been asked two questions before the test.


Now, you will be asked one while the car is still, and one while you are driving. For example, you might be asked to show the examiner how you clean your windscreen while you drive, rather than telling them this at the start of the test.

This is aimed at replicating more real-life scenarios, for after this test you will often be in a situation in which you will need to drive competently and also think about other tasks regarding your car (operating the horn, switching on dipped headlights, defrosting your front window, just to name a few).

In light of this, it is essential to make sure you are familiar with where all relevant controls are, and that you feel confident practically manipulating them. Failure to successfully perform in the “show me” part of the test will be considered a dangerous fault.

The actual content of the questions will not change significantly, though they are not exactly the same either. The ‘tell-me’ part of the test has ten new questions, including:


  • How to check if your brakes are working before starting your journey
  • How to check tyre pressure
  • How to check if your headlights and tail-lights are working
  • How you make sure your head restraint is correctly adjusted so it provides the best protection in the event of a crash
  • How to check if your tyres are in safe condition
  • How and when you would switch on your rear fog lights
  • How to know if there is a problem with your anti-lock braking system
  • How to check that the power-assisted steering is working before starting a journey
  • How to check if direction indicators are working
  • How to check if brake lights are working.


Ensure you’re prepared before your test and you should pass with flying colours!



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