Is That Mirror For Decoration? Why Proper Driving Etiquette Matters

We’ve all been there – stuck behind a driver going frustratingly slow in the fast lane, or cut off on the motorway without warning. But have you ever considered that practising simple driving courtesy could make the roads safer for everyone? In this article, we’ll explore the importance of honouring basic driving etiquette through respecting fellow motorists, cycling safety and more. By the end, you’ll see why being a considerate road user isn’t just polite – it’s a necessity.


Proper signalling might not seem like a big deal, but failing to indicate turns deprives others of vital information. Not only does it startle nearby vehicles, leaving your direction a mystery infringes on the safety of motorcyclists and cyclists who need advance warning to adjust. Get in the habit of hitting your blinker at least three seconds before braking or changing paths. 


A similarly thoughtless act is slowing down without reason. Unless there’s an obstruction or emergency ahead, avoid abrupt braking that could cause rear-ending. Be conscious of vehicles behind and speed up to maintain the general flow of traffic whenever feasible. Roads work best when all road users anticipate each other.


Lane courtesy prevents road rage before it starts. Faster traffic stays left and passes on the right to keep left-lane hogs from blocking traffic. Once a pass is complete, return right to allow others the same courtesy. It’s also wise to merge at the speed of current traffic for smooth transitions instead of cutting others off.


Consideration for cyclists and pedestrians means sharing the road safely. Give at least 1.5 metres berth when passing cyclists at lower speeds, more if the road is narrow. Around pedestrians, go slowly and be prepared to brake – lives are worth a few extra seconds. Roadworks or disruptions may also require extra care negotiating shared spaces. 


At intersections, right of way rules exist to keep roads organised. Respect others by yielding properly and avoiding “rolling stops” through signs. Allow room for vehicles already in roundabouts, and don’t block junctions by waiting in them unnecessarily.


Basic manners also mean paying attention to surroundings and avoiding distractions. Keep interactions brief on phones or use hands free, don’t aggressively tailgate, and give your full focus to the task of navigating traffic. Smooth cooperation relies on all partners doing their part.


With practice, courtesy will become second nature – and you may even spot others giving you the respect you extend to them in turn. Safe driving demands consistent effort from each licence holder to understand fellow road users. So keep your eyes open, indicate clearly and maintain consideration for everyone sharing the roads. It’s the small courtesies that make for happy, harmonious commutes for all.


Sound like a good refresher? Use coupon code ‘RESPECT’ for 10% off your next driving lesson at Alfie’s – where proper road etiquette is part of every training. Contact us today at 07957 458 980 to schedule your appointment and refresh good habits behind the wheel. Your courtesy – and safety – are always top priority here.



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