Where Should I Be After Ten Driving Lessons?

So, you’ve recently made the decision to learn how to drive. Well done! It can be a difficult task, and everybody’s different, but it’s useful to know what you should be learning at each stage of your process.

Before taking your driving test, it’s recommended that you have anywhere between 30 and 50 driving lessons, so at ten lessons, it’s doubtful that you’ll be preparing to take your test – it’s more likely that you’ll be just getting to know the different elements of the car and gaining some road experience.

Cockpit familiarity  

Your driving instructor should have taught you about the cockpit of the car, so that you’re familiar with all of the different controls and can use them confidently. Your instructor should have also taught you how to change gear, when it’s appropriate to use the handbrake and how to use it, and how to steer the car.

On-road experience

After you’ve learnt about the inner workings of the car, your instructor will likely take you out on the road for the first time.

During this process, you will have been taught about signalling using the car’s indicators, clutch control and finding the bite point, when it’s appropriate to change gear and how to stop the car.

Your instructor may also have shown you how to turn at T junctions and might have taught you how to park at the kerb side.

Dual-carriageways, roundabouts and manoeuvres

Depending on how quickly you are progressing, your instructor may have begun to teach you to negotiate roundabouts and to drive on dual carriageways. If you are at this stage in your lessons, you may also have learned a few manoeuvres, like parallel parking, turning in the road, reversing around corners and making emergency stops.

It’s easy to get caught up in how you should be progressing, but, remember, everyone learns at their own pace, so try to relax and enjoy the process. Whatever stage of learning to drive you’re at, if you want more information or to book driving lessons, contact Alfie’s Driving School today.



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