How To Tackle Driving In City Traffic

When you learn to drive, you’re often taken to quiet suburbs, housing estates and country roads to get the hang of things.

But for the millions of us who live in the city — and the many more who work in one — your real-world, independent driving experience is going to be a lot different. You’ll have no one to tell you which lane to be in, no one to bear the brunt of any hostility or road rage and, perhaps most importantly, no one to tell you which way to go.

But though driving in cities can be tricky, it’s not THAT tricky. UK cities are comprehensively designed and optimised for motorists — it won’t be like Mumbai. With a few tips, you’ll be able to handle them no problem.

Tip #1: know your route

First things first, make sure you know where you’re going. Cities can have confusing one-way systems, dead ends and other tricky things that can send you off in completely the wrong direction.

So, think ahead: trace more complicated bits on your sat-nav, or on Google Street view if necessary. You may also consider doing a trial run of a given route if you have time — it all helps to limit surprises and make you feel calmer and better prepared.


Tip #2: be cautious

City roads can be busy and narrow, both with parked vehicles and traffic. So when you’re coming out of a junction or turning a corner with a restricted view, make sure you edge, peep and creep slowly until you can see properly.

Likewise, some roads may be busy with pedestrians, or even semi-pedestrianised. Go slowly, even if you think said pedestrians should mind out of your way. It’s also very useful to know the width of your car and don’t be overambitious with tight squeezes.

Tip #3: but be confident!

While it’s important to be cautious, be sure to keep up with the flow of traffic. Not doing so can cause confusion, congestion and many other more dangerous problems. So drive, tackle roundabouts and change lanes with confidence — other cars will let you do so, just as they would elsewhere.

Tip #4: avoid traffic

Finally, it’s better to simply avoid stressful situations where possible, instead of tackling them. So don’t drive in cities when it isn’t necessary, and try to steer clear of rush hour when you do.

ADS driving school ensure that you get the training to tackle any motoring scenario — rural or urban. Get in touch today.



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