Driving Lesson Routes In Brentwood, Essex

Driving Lesson Routes In Brentwood

Brentwood is home to lots of quiet residential roads and other routes which are perfect for when you are learning to drive.

In between your driving lessons you might want to practice on any number of these routes.


Quiet Residential Roads And Small Roundabouts

When you first start learning to drive you will want to stick to quiet roads so that you feel more comfortable and can build your confidence.

Warley Hill has some small roundabouts where you can practice your turns and indicating without being intimidated.

Turning onto Pastoral Way you can go straight ahead for some distance, navigating mini roundabouts.

Further down on Pastoral Way you come to Osborne Heights – here you can either head onto Osbourne Heights and practice turns, or turn left to carry on down Pastoral Way.

If you keep going on Vaughan Williams Way you can practice a right turn on the quiet Crescent Road. At the end of Crescent Road, having practiced your right turn, turn back onto Warley Hill.

If you wanted to, you could repeat this route to get used to left and right turns, and going round roundabouts. While you might be tempted not to signal on the little roundabouts, make sure you do. This will get you used to the process for when you move onto larger roundabouts later.

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Four Path Intersection

Going straight over an intersection can feel intimidating at first because of the need to look not just left and right, but also ahead, to make sure oncoming traffic won’t turn into your path.

If you turn onto Primrose Hill from Kings Rd you will come to Crown Street. Turn left and then go left again onto Regency Ct. From here turn around, and return the way you came. You can cross over Crown Street onto South Street, over a relatively easy four path intersection.

Because the other side of Crown Street is access only, traffic is unlikely to be crossing in your path, meaning the junction is likely to be quieter. Of course, you should still stay alert, but this is a good way to practice.

At the end of South Street there is a car park you can turn around in. Once you’ve turned around you can practice going back over the intersection in the other direction.



Add In Your Manoeuvres

As a bonus, you can practice your manoeuvres either end. You’ll be practising turning as part of the above routes, but there are also built in opportunities for you to practice your turns in the road, for example.

On the four path intersection route above you will need to do this to return the way you came. Here you could also practice bay parking in the car park. Depending on the time of day, you might also be able to practice your emergency stop in the car park.

On the first route set out above there are plenty of places where you could practice reverse parking too.


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