Road Emergency Response Guide for Brentwood Drivers

Stay safe when emergencies like breakdowns, blowouts, crashes, and bad weather hit while driving in Brentwood. Learn proper response techniques and when to call for assistance.

Even reliable cars can face issues on Brentwood’s roads. Arm yourself with knowledge to handle emergencies properly, from breakdowns and tire failures to accidents and hazardous weather.

Respond Safely to Breakdowns
If your car breaks down, signal and pull over safely out of traffic. Turn on hazard lights and set up a warning triangle behind the vehicle.

Call for roadside assistance, then wait in a safe spot like behind a barrier. Don’t attempt makeshift repairs yourself on busy roads.

Handle Blowouts Carefully
If a tire blows, resist slamming the brakes. Grip the wheel firmly, ease off the gas, and steer straight.

Once slowed, brake gently and pull over. Change to your spare or call for assistance. Blowouts become more manageable with practice.

Drive Cautiously in Bad Weather
Sudden rain, fog, or snow can create slick roads in an instant. Reduce speed, increase following distance, and turn on lights to stay visible.

Pull over if visibility is too poor until conditions improve. Avoid driving into floodwaters.

Deal with Accidents Responsibly
If involved in an accident, move out of traffic if vehicles are operable, turn on hazards, and call 999 for injuries or vehicle damage.

Exchange details with other drivers and photograph the scene. File a report at the nearest police station within 24 hours.

Call for Help When Needed
Have emergency numbers and a roadside assistance membership programmed ahead of time.

Don’t hesitate to phone for help with breakdowns, tire issues, towing needs, or any situation beyond your capabilities. Assistance keeps you safe.

With preparation and practice, Brentwood drivers can handle roadside emergencies effectively.

Stay calm, move to a safe spot, alert other drivers, contact help quickly and follow proper procedures. Knowing what to do provides confidence on the borough’s roads.


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