What is the driving test pass rate in Essex?

Between April 2020 and March 2021, according to new statistics issued by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, only 53 percent of learners in Essex passed their driving test. However, that was an increase from 47.1 percent the previous year. In addition, the number of tests performed in 2020/21 was significantly lower than in prior […]

Stopping Distances Explained

Understanding stopping distances

Understanding stopping distances Understanding stopping distances is one of the most important parts of learning to drive safely. Leaving enough space between you and the car in front will help to prevent accidents and avoid unnecessary incidents. Keep reading to discover what factors affect stopping distance and how you can easily adopt the best techniques […]

How To Get Parallel Parking Right First Time, Every Time

Get Parallel Parking Right First Time

With the number of cars on British roads increasing all the time, mastering parallel parking is crucial. In areas around Greater London, where parking space is at a premium, it’s critical. If you have the good fortune to find a space in somewhere like Romford, Ilford or Dagenham, you need to be able to park […]

Which Lane Should I Be In When Approaching A Roundabout?


As you approach a roundabout it’s essential that you get into the correct lane as soon as possible. This can be tricky, especially on multi-lane roundabouts with three or even four lanes of traffic. The roundabout is designed to help you, however, so with a little concentration you can always ensure you’re in the right […]

Driving Routes Around Dagenham To Help You With Your Driving Lessons

Driving Routes Around Dagenham

Dagenham offers several routes that can be incredibly useful for people learning to drive. If you are just beginning, the relatively quiet intersection of Langley Cres and Stamford Rd gives you a solid starting place. Driving east, you will find Gale St. By turning left, you can practise laps of the block to familiarise yourself […]

How To Prevent The Car From Stalling On Hill Starts

Get Up To Speed On Hill Starts

Get Up To Speed On Hill Starts Hill starts are the learner driver’s nemesis, so don’t worry if you can’t do it first time. It’s something that can take a while to master but this makes it particularly satisfying once you’ve got to grips with it. Practice makes perfect, but if you’d like to better […]