Is 1 Hour Enough For A Driving Lesson?

Is 1 Hour Enough For A Driving Lesson?

Driving instructors who favour one-hour lessons argue that a learner’s ability to retain and practice the driving material is much greater this way, despite what some people fear about pupil boredom. In fact, learners who take one-hour lessons once a week can be expected to pick up concepts faster than those whose lessons are spaced out further apart in time.

UK Driving Tests – Explained

In the United Kingdom, driving tests are required in order to obtain a driver’s license and legally operate a motor vehicle on public roads. The driving test is administered by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), which is an agency of the Department for Transport. There are two parts to the driving test: the […]

Are There Any More Driving Test Changes In The Pipeline?

New changes

In the UK, around 1.6 million people sit the practical car test every year, with a pass rate of 43% and a pass rate of 52% on the theory test. Recently, the DVSA has announced some changes and there are rumours of further changes in the pipeline. This is the biggest shake-up in 20 years […]

Why The Satnav Is To Be Included In The Practical Driving Test


New regulations are set to come into place in December 2017 that will shake up the UK practical driving test. It’s one of the biggest recent changes to the current examination. Students will now be tested on their ability to use a satellite navigation system practically, safely and efficiently on the road, in what the […]