What should you be getting from your driving lessons?

Driving lessons are a precursor to taking your driving test and becoming a fully qualified driver. As such, there is plenty that you need to consider when you are looking to improve your skills behind the wheel. One of the major considerations that you need to make when it comes to making the most of […]

Highway Code Overtaking Tips

If you’re a learner driver or an experienced driver who wants to brush up on their Highway Code overtaking tips, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Alfie’s Driving School, we want to make sure that all our learners are confident and safe when they take to the roads – and that includes knowing […]

Need to Learn How to Drive? Here’s What You Need to Know

The process of learning to drive can be a gruelling, time-consuming, and financially exhausting endeavour. And it can be intimidating and overwhelming for newbies. However, most of us have to get behind the wheel. In order to help you pass your driving test as fast and inexpensively as possible, we’ve put up a list of […]

Tricks to Successfully Pass Your Driving Test

It’s normal to be nervous when you’ve got a driving test; you’ll want to do your best, and you’ll want to pass – otherwise you will feel as though all that hard work was for nothing. Plus, all that freedom and adventure that is just within reach would be snatched away if you failed, and […]

Who Has The Right Of Way At A Crossroad?

Sharing the road is similar to sharing toys when you’re a kid. It may not always appear fair, but there are overriding standards that govern how we should act. This is most visible when roads meet and form crossroads. At intersections, you may have to wait for other vehicles to go first, or they may […]

What’s Involved In An Intensive Driving Course

What’s Involved In An Intensive Driving Course Intensive Driving Courses are ideal for students who want to pass their driving test in just one to two weeks, with lessons lasting 2-5 hours each day, rather than spending months or years learning. Below are some pointers to help you determine which driving course is best for […]

Tips to Pass Your Driving Theory Test in 2022

To legally drive a car on the roads, you must first pass your driving theory test. This is a requirement for all drivers, regardless of experience or age. The good news is that with the proper preparation, passing the driving theory test is not difficult. The following article will provide you with some tips to […]

Black Box Policy: What if someone else drives my car?

What is a black box policy? Also known as an event data recorder (EDR), this is a device that is fitted to a car and records information about the vehicle’s journey. This includes things like speed, braking and cornering. If you are involved in an accident, the data from the black box can be used […]

Top 10 Mistakes You Should Avoid on Roundabouts

Top 10 Mistakes You Should Avoid on Roundabouts

Roundabouts are one of the most efficient and safe ways to navigate traffic, but only if they’re used correctly.  Here are the top 10 mistakes you should avoid on roundabouts: Failing to give way:  This is by far the most common mistake drivers make on roundabouts. Remember, drivers already in the roundabout have the right […]

Pass Your Theory Test…The First Time Around!

Pass Your Theory Test

Few people enjoy taking tests, but there’s no choice when it comes to getting your driver’s licence. Unless you want to spend months or even years of your life behind the wheel of a learner’s permit, you need to pass your theory test.  So here are some tips to help you remember the most important […]