6 Easy Ways to Make Your Driving Lessons More Enjoyable


If you’re a driving instructor, you might be aware that the industry is changing. Some of the more traditional ways of teaching driving lessons are going out of fashion as new technologies and approaches emerge.

In this article, I’ll go over some new trends in driving instruction so that you can take advantage of them.

Real world driving conditions

When you are teaching someone how to drive, then it will make them a better driver when they are able to face more real world driving conditions.

Teaching driving lessons now, you need to prepare pupils for an increase in independent driving in the test, as this has increased, which could include following sat-nav instructions.

To make lessons more enjoyable, you could just instruct the learner driver to take you to a certain location, and see how they do.

Practicing parking

There are some traditional ‘moves’ that driving lessons have had to teach previously, such as reversing around a corner or a three-point turn.

These have now been replaced in the test, by learning to enter and leave a parking bay. Although they can be points to cover in lessons, they are no longer the points to look at in the test.

Motorway driving

Previously, learning to drive on a motorway was something someone would need to learn after passing their test, or just going out and trying it themselves, once their driving test is passed.

Since 2018, those learning to drive are now eligible to drive on motorways, as long as they are in a dual-controlled car, with a driving instructor. 

Drive in the dark

Being a driving instructor means that you have complete flexibility as to when you work. If you want to help your learner drivers improve and make lessons more fun, then driving in the dark can be a good idea.

This is because drivers who don’t have much experience of driving in the dark are much more likely to get involved in a collision in the dark.

This may not be possible, especially in the summer months, but it is a good idea when you can.

Out on country roads

It can be hard to drive out on country roads sometimes, depending where you are based. However, it can be an important lesson for learner drivers, as well as being enjoyable.

Often country roads have a national speed limit, even though some of them can be single track roads.

Teaching about matching speeds to conditions and what you can see makes a difference on country roads.

Mechanics of the vehicle

An enjoyable aspect of learning to drive is learning all about the car that you are driving.

As an instructor, it makes a difference if you are teaching your learner drivers about the mechanics of the car during their driving lessons.

Knowing how to check how much wiper fluid is in the car or how to check the oil, in a practical way, will help as they pass and then go out to drive on their own.



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