5 Mistakes That New Drivers Make

Are you a new driver? If so, you might be making some of the same mistakes that other drivers make when they first get behind the wheel.

For tips about how to avoid these mistakes, read this article.


The first and easily the most common mistake that new drivers make on the road is speeding.

Speeding is easily done, as you drive your foot will naturally press on the accelerator and this can cause you to go above and beyond the speed limit. It is important to stay focused on your speed and ensure that you check it now and again to keep you on track.

The last thing you want in your first month of driving is to be stopped by the police! 

Not checking blind spots 

This next mistake is one that is incredibly easy to do and most drivers miss this crucial step now and again. When you set off in your car you should always perform a full rotation of visibility.

This means checking everywhere around the car, including your blindspot, to ensure there is no one there before you move.

The biggest culprits for sitting in your blind spot are cyclists, and if you don’t see one and try to turn into a junction, this could be incredibly dangerous. 

Driving too close to other cars 

When you are driving on your daily commute, it is common to come close to the back of other cars, particularly when in traffic.

It is however important to try and maintain the 2 second gap between you and the car in front wherever possible.

You can never predict the movements of others on the road, and you don’t want the car in front to suddenly stop or stall and cause you to crash into it and incur a hefty bill.


Becoming distracted 

Driving for the first time on your own can be a little daunting, but it also feels very freeing and fun. The big mistake a lot of new drivers will make is to turn up their music loud, have friends in the car talking, and generally get distracted on the road.

During the first few months of driving a car, it is important to be cautious and allow yourself to get used to being on the road.

Once you are more comfortable driving, you can start introducing your friends and family and louder music – just be sure you stay focused. 

Driving in the wrong lane

When driving on a dual carriageway or a road with multiple lanes that turn off at junctions it can be daunting.

It is common for new drivers to get in the wrong lane when driving and then panic and try to get back into the right lane, only to have other drivers beep their horns.

Most of the time if you indicate early enough, someone will let you through to the correct lane. If this doesn’t happen, however, you might find yourself panicking.

The best thing to do in this situation is staying in the lane you are in, keep driving, and turn off at the next side road.

Once three, you can recalibrate and find your way back to the correct path. 




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